true stories of teen parenting

Why do we do what we do? Read on for some true success stories of former teen mothers. These stories showcase some of the unique struggles of parenting as a teenager, proving the need for proper support to ensure the success of young parents as well as their children.

Additionally, we hope that by highlighting these “success stories” we can prove to another teen mother that there is always hope!

By providing support and guidance through our volunteer run programs, we seek to help remove obstacles and lead young families in our programs to a life outside of poverty and onto the path toward success.

lawann moses

“It wasn’t easy, but my mindset made the most difference in my success.”

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If you are a former teen mother and are willing to share your story, send us a message below. You just may provide some hope to another young mother going through a similar situation. Community is important!

If you are a current teen mother or a pregnant teen, reach out to us to join our programs. We want to help you and your children live the life you deserve!

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